Ideas for Good Travel Snacks

Published On February 5, 2015 | By Bridget | Travel

1. Make a sammie on frozen bread.

Chances are you’re not going to be getting out to buy fresh bread the morning of a trip. An alternative is to make a sandwich on frozen bread, which will mean it’s just perfect when you’re ready to eat it. Otherwise, sandwiches tend to get dry and stale tasting.

We like basic peanut butter (crunchy of course).

You might not be convinced about this frozen business but the sandwich being slightly cool when you come to eat it is really good. Try it and you’ll be convinced.

2. Vegetarian sausages.

It’s nice to have some protein. For this we love to cook up some vegetarian sausages. They’re easy to eat on the go and you can take a few packs of ketchup.

Travel tip: Always have sachets of ketchup, brown sugar, salt, and pepper, and maybe even vinegar or a little bag of chili flakes (for spicing up bland meals).

3. Emergency noodles and tea/coffee bags.

If you get really delayed and arrive at your accommodation after everything is closed, you’ll at least be able to rustle up some boiling water.

Carry at least one packet of instant noodles for these occasions. Carbs will be just what you need after the day you’ve had.

4. Iced tea sachets, made up frozen style.

Combine iced tea mix with water and you’ve got a delicious drink with a little bit of caffeine. We like to freeze our cold drinks so that by the time we want to drink them, they’re still chilled and delicious.

5. Fruit and Nuts.

Adrian loves snacking on bananas, Bridget doesn’t. I find they bruise too easily. I prefer apples because they’re not too messy to eat. Roasted, unsalted almonds are another favorite snack, or fresh roasted cashews.

6. Hummus and crackers.

Make your own homemade hummus and freeze it. You’ll have perfectly chilled hummus available to munch on with crackers for your transit. We like to blend red pepper into our hummus.

7. Rice cakes.

Rice cakes topped with peanut butter can also be a good alternative to sammies.

Why aren’t we mentioning chocolate/power bars?

Honestly, because they are treat foods and it it is so easy to overindulge when sitting around for long periods

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