The Idyllic Adriatic: Cruising Through History

Published On September 28, 2014 | By Bridget | Travel

There can be few more ideal holiday arrangements than boarding a state of the art cruise ship, exploring it’s endless amenities, and then being sailed to some of the most beautiful, historical and stunning ports of call throughout the world.

A journey along the Adriatic coastline introduces travellers to the storied cities of it’s ancient shores. Cruises can vary in duration from a few days to a few weeks depending on timeframes and personal preferences. Here are just a few of highlights of the Adriatic.



There’s no doubt about it, Venice is one of the most stunning and romantic cities in the entire world. The rambling canals, the stunning architecture and of course delicious food all add to the charm of this gorgeous destination which spreads over more than 100 islands. Most Adriatic cruises depart from Venice, leaving visitors’ time to explore the floating wonder for at least a day in advance of embarking on the sea voyage. Talk about starting on a high note.



Dubrovnik, Croatia is an incredible city for visitors. Fantastic for walking, cruise passengers can easily spend a day roaming the streets taking in the rich culture and history of centuries-old churches, synagogues, monasteries and even pharmacies.
The city is famous for its Medieval Old Town, which features incredibly well preserved walls that extend around the perimeter. Climb the walls for some of the best views in town and then wander back down to sea level for a nice alfresco lunch along any number of charming cobbled streets.


Mljet Island National Park/Korcula Island

After departing Dubrovnik, many cruises carry on to the sparsely inhabited island of Mljet which is one of seven
National Parks in Croatia, boasting pristine pine forests and gorgeous crystal clear lakes which are perfect for swimming. Korcula Island is of course the birthplace of Marco Polo the famed explorer. Visitors to the island can visit Marco Polo’s house where he is said to have been born in 1254. After visiting the birthplace of the great explorer, visitors often wander the streets, taking in everything from the art collection in the Abbey Palace to the handmade folk art trinkets available from artisans near the City Gate.



The second largest city in Croatia, Split is a fantastic UNESCO World Heritage Site and often a surprise favourite for many Adriatic cruise passengers. The historical centre of town is located within walking distance from the port so visitors can easily wander back in time as they explore the Old Town and the magnificent (and massive) Palace of the Emperor Diocletian. This sprawling place dates from the end of the third century AD and was one of the last palaces constructed during the Roman Empire.

Cruise passengers get to indulge in all the modern on-board delights of Europe’s finest mega ships while travelling
back in time at each port of call; exploring ancient architecture, priceless art collections and some of the few remaining untouched landscapes in Europe. Once on board, every passenger gets to relax and enjoy the idyllic experience – no driving on the wrong side of the road or stressful navigating required ! :-)

Images by llee_wu, Tambako The Jaguar, Carine06 and ahenobarbus used under creative commons


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