How to Survive Living in Hotel Rooms with Your Spouse

Published On July 2, 2014 | By Bridget | Travel

We try to stay in larger 1 bedroom apartments but still sometimes find ourselves spending 3 weeks or more living in hotel rooms or studio apartments. Here are our tips for surviving, and even thriving, in close quarters without heading to divorce court.

1. Avoid it where you can.

Prevention is better than cure. Try to stay in a space that is at least 700 sq feet if there are two of you.

2. Headphones.

Comfortable headphones (not ear buds) will allow you to not disturb each other as much e.g., while making Skype calls or watching TV on your computer.

3. Plan to be on different bathroom schedules.

I don’t mean for #1s and #2s, I mean for taking showers and using the basin. Trying to move around each other in a cramped bathroom while in a hurry is a recipe for arguing.

4. Smells.

Respect each other in terms of creating smells. Close the bathroom door if you stink it up! Don’t buy stinky food, or at least clean it up promptly after your meal.

5. Everything should have a place.

Just like at home, it’s easier to keep tidy if you put your stuff away in a specific place after each time you use it. Figure out at the beginning how you’re going to share the available drawers and closets etc.

6. Appreciate the romance of it.

Living in a small space together can be very cozy and romantic. It can sort of feel like camping where you end up making and enjoying simple meals together.

7. Make sure you have air con.

If there is a remote chance you’ll need aircon, make sure you will have it. Trying to sleep in a bed together in a small apartment is miserable if you’re too hot.

8. Bed size.

If the bed isn’t a king, you might even resort to getting a room with two beds rather than try to squeeze into a smaller one. We are fine with a smaller bed but I know lots of couples who aren’t.

9. Spend time out of your room.

Get in the habit of taking a swim or an evening stroll. This will help you not feel a sense of cabin fever. If you need to discuss plans or anything potentially contentious, then do it outside your living space to keep the energy in your living space good.

10. Try to sleep and wake on roughly the same schedule.

This will help you not disturb each other and allow you to have quality time together e.g., you’re more likely to be hungry for dinner at the same time if you’re going to bed the same time.

Do you have any suggestions for making a relationship work when you’re in a cramped space and trying to get work done?

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