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Eating at Restaurants Without Packing on Pounds

Published On November 30, 2014 | By Bridget | Food and Drink, Travel

We all know how hard it can be to look a cream cake in the face when we are home, so when away and confronted with all manner of delightful goodies how do we make the most of experiencing different cuisines without experiencing weight gain?

Water, water everywhere..
Staying hydrated is always important, so try to drink a decent sized glass of water before each meal. This will help diminish your appetite as well as control cravings – so your appetite will not control you. Another good idea is asking for some slices of lemon with your water. Lemon is cleansing and alkalizing, so you stomach will feel more comfortable generally, which makes you less inclined to eat badly.

Most people know that wheat is a common allergen, and it is common to suffer some bloat if you eat bread. So perhaps going easy on the bread is a good idea. Generally it is offered at the start and during the meal. This is too much and you don’t need it. Too much bread will stop you from enjoying the rest of a good meal and save you from the dreaded bloat.

Do as the French do. Eat a small green salad before your main meal. This will clean your palate, and nutrients in the leaves will go a long way to satisfying cravings. Eating cleaner food before the main meal will leave you feeling better so you are less likely to choose something too heavy, creamy or fatty.

Take your time. Don’t rush. Savor the new foods that you are enjoying, or you will overeat and that can only lead to more overeating! Not good if you want to stay trim.

Enjoy a glass of good red wine. In general, really enjoying your food is very satisfying and one of the great pleasures we can have. We can always appreciate a well cooked meal (especially when we don’t have to cook!) A glass of the good stuff with your meal will help you to appreciate it more, making it a sensory experience rather than a gorging experience.

Try to avoid the creamy dishes or over salted dishes. Salt will make you retain water and cream is very heavy on the digestion as well as being full of fat.

You don’t have to eat a main meal! Don’t conform to how the traditional meal is set up. You can pick and choose (unless in France, where they have set menu’s) so why not have a starter as a main meal? You cut the calories and fat as well as saving money. You may even squeeze in a dessert instead.

Have protein with one of your meals, and have sugary foods after – the protein will stop you having a sugar rush, which means your insulin levels won’t go crazy producing too much insulin which is a great way of laying down fat.

This is common sense – don’t eat too late. In some countries it is normal to eat late, in which case you will have to go with it, but this is prime time for putting on weight as the food just sits and is not burnt off. You’ll probably get a nasty case of indigestion too, which is never pleasant.

Have an espresso after your meal. This will speed up your metabolism, just be careful that you don’t drink it too close to bedtime or you’ll be up all night!

Note: I’m not a doctor or nutritionist so this isn’t professional advice.

photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc

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