7 More Things That Make the Perfect Furnished Apartment

Published On October 7, 2013 | By Bridget | Travel, Work

I previously wrote a list of 10 things that help a furnished apartment feel comfortable when we are doing our typical work stays of 1-8 weeks. Here are 7 more of the things that we LOVE to find in the apartments we rent.

Arriving to find these items is like a Christmas morning experience, when you got exactly what you wished for.

1. A laundry basket.

Where do you throw your laundry if there is no laundry basket? So often this very simple feature is missing. Having one that lives inside the closet or under a table alongside a wall is ideal.

2. Useable drawers.

It’s nice to be able to unpack rather than live out of suitcases.

3. A closet for empty suitcases.

Speaking of suitcases, it’s good if there is a closet that’s big enough to put our suitcases in so they are not just sitting out on the floor.

4. A king bed.

We can actually cope with a small bed but from talking to many of our friends, any bed smaller than a king is a dealbreaker for them when booking an apartment.

Most of the times we’ve found the beds in furnished apartments to be comfortable but we’ve had 1 or 2 that weren’t.

5. A 3 seater sofa.

Being able to stretch out on the sofa and watch TV is one of the things that makes an apartment feel like home.

6. Black out curtains.

This is a total bonus item but you get a luxury hotel feel from an apartment if it has blackout curtains. If no black out curtains and the regular curtains don’t keep out early morning light, a simple solution would be to leave a sleeping mask for guests.

For us traveling for work, I usually like a very light apartment because that way I reliably wake up with the light rather than needing to set an alarm. However if your apartment stay is for a vacation, you probably want those blackout curtains for being able to sleep in after your big night out.

7. Bug screening on windows and/or doors.

I love to be able to let fresh air into an apartment. When you’re working long days cooped up inside this is a must for keeping sane. The last thing I want is mosquitos, flies or other flying insects in my temporary home. I love it when patio doors and windows have screens. When they do, I often leave the door open all day everyday when I’m inside the apartment.

I should note that one of my absolute dealbreakers for staying somewhere for more than a couple of night is if the windows don’t open at all. This is definitely something to check. I’ve been caught out once or twice.

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